Each time a person on death row is scheduled for execution, GFADP mobilizes its members across the state to campaign for clemency on the person's behalf.  Here you will find a list of previous cases in which clemency was sought, including the most recent information about the case, a summary of the case background provided by the person's attorneys, and links to local media coverage.

Case Archive

Warren Hill, executed January 27, 2015

Andrew Brannan, executed January 13, 2015 

Robert Holsey, executed December 9, 2014

Tommy Waldripsentence commuted to life without parole on July 8, 2014

Marcus Wellons, executed June 17, 2014

Andrew Cook, executed February 21, 2013

Daniel Greenesentence commuted to life without parole on April 20, 2012

Troy Davis, executed September 21, 2011

Andrew DeYoung, executed July 21, 2011

Roy Blankenship, executed June 23, 2011

Emmanuel Hammond, executed January 25, 2011

Brandon Rhode, executed September 27, 2010

Melbert Ray Ford, executed June 9, 2010

Mark McClain, executed October 20, 2009

Mark Mize, executed April 29, 2009

Robert Newland, executed March 10, 2009

Jack Alderman, executed September 16, 2008

Curtis Osborne, executed June 4, 2008

Samuel David Crowe, sentence commuted to life without parole May 22, 2008

William Earl Lynd, executed May 6, 2008