Celebrating Victories and Making Plans: GFADP Chapter meeting Thursday (11/8) 6:30

posted Nov 7, 2012, 11:05 AM by Kathryn Hamoudah   [ updated Nov 7, 2012, 11:13 AM ]

Last night was a big night, but now the real work begins.  Huge thank you’s to all the members of GFADP who helped phone bank, door knock, recruit volunteers, staff campaign offices and in general bust their butts to get folks out to the polls.


In California, Prop 34 (the prop that would have ended the death penalty in the state) was defeated by only 6 percentage points.  Although we are saddened that it did not pass, we must celebrate the victory that we came that close.  Through the campaign, organizers were able to talk to thousands of residents about the issues, build alliances, reframe the debate and shape public opinion.   In other victories, California’s brutal 3 strikes law was reversed, three states legalized possession of marijuana, Maryland passed the Dream Act, and two states legalized gay marriage! These are huge wins for progressive forces and movements in this country and will have deep and lasting impact on our communities.


We all know that last night’s victories were a result of years (and decades) of grassroots organizing in impacted communities that built power and leadership to make these changes.  The organizers of nearly all winning ballot initiatives were told at some point in time that there was just no way they would ever win and it was pointless to try. Let us remember that ending the death penalty and transforming Georgia’s criminal legal system is a marathon, not a sprint.  Let us celebrate our allies’ victories and when we lose hope or focus lets remind ourselves of fruits of their long term dedication.  We will end the death penalty in Georgia because we are willing to fight one day longer than our opponents.


And let us get ourselves to the next GFADP meeting so we can continue to organize our communities and to lay down plans for victories in the next legislative session.  


GFADP Atlanta Chapter Meeting

Thursday November 8, 2012   6:30

730 Peachtree Street NE

1st Floor Conference Room

Free Parking in the back parking deck

2 blocks from the North Ave MARTA station


If you have questions:  Call or email Evelyn at 404-602-2856;  evelyn@gfadp.org