Death penalty news and events

posted Apr 29, 2015, 1:16 PM by GFADP staff
GFADP is pleased to announce a forum series entitled, Connecting the Dots: An Open Conversation about the Death Penalty. The purpose of the forums is to have an open conversation about the death penalty, highlighting various issues with the system, such as race, class, impact of the system on those with developmental disabilities, etc. We are partnering with community members in each of the areas with the hopes of forming or revitalizing GFADPchapters in each of these communities.
Macon, April 30 (More information is below)
Athens, May 5 (Location TBD)
Dawson,  May 21 (Location TBD)
Each of you are invited to come out and support GFADP in our efforts to build a community to end the death penalty.
As you know, the executions of Kelly Gissendaner and Brian Terrell were postponed due to the discovery of “cloudy” lethal injection drugs. Yesterday, the Georgia Department of Corrections issued a statement stating that  state-paid testers determined that the dosage was cloudy because it was stored at a temperature that was too low. This response is troubling given the fact that because of the state’s lethal injection secrecy laws, the public will only gain access to information at the discretion of the DOC. We are left with more questions than answers.  We’re including a short piece from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and a longer piece from theCreative Loafing.
The death penalty is in the news around the country, too. Today, The Boston Globe published an incredibly powerful Op-Ed from the parents of the youngest Boston Marathon bombing victim, Michael Richard"To end the anguish, drop the death penalty". And yesterday, LB 268, the bill to repeal the death penalty in Nebraska, passed through the first round of debate with 30 yes votes. There is another round of debate and two more votes that will have to be won before the bill goes to the Governor’s desk. And if the Governor vetoes the bill as he’s promised, the 30 votes will be crucial to override it. On to round two! You can read more about it here.
As always, thank you for all that you do for justice.
With hope,