Spotlight on GFADP

posted Nov 2, 2012, 11:01 AM by GFADP staff
We’re happy to share a message from the Human Rights Network highlighting GFADP’s work to end the death penalty and transform Georgia’s broken justice system. We’re delighted to share to be in the company of six other incredible organizations, including our coalition partner the Southern Center for Human Rights.

In addition, we wanted to make sure you saw this great piece in the Georgia Bulletin, entitled Georgia Catholics Unite to Stop the Death Penalty. It highlights Georgia Catholics Against the Death Penalty (GACADP), a coalition including, the Archdiocese of Atlanta Respect Life Ministry and Justice & Peace Ministries, Catholic Mobilizing Network and GFADP, which is tasked with organizing and educating Catholics in our state about the Church’s social justice teaching regarding capital punishment. It includes a fantastic quote from board member, Erik Wilkinson.