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posted Sep 28, 2011, 3:14 PM by Kathryn Hamoudah   [ updated Aug 31, 2012, 8:29 AM by GFADP staff ]

September 28, 2011

Dear Friends,

This past week has been very difficult for those of us who fought to stop the execution of Troy Anthony Davis.  Like so many of you, we are outraged and deeply mourning the loss of Troy and this senseless execution by the State of Georgia that took place on September 21 at 11:08 pm.  Despite our best collective efforts, we were unable to prevent this terrible moment from happening.   Though Troy’s death came as a tremendous blow to what little faith and confidence that we still had in our criminal justice system, it also brought a new surge of commitment to the abolition of capital punishment in our country, and illumination of the atrocities surrounding the implementation of the death penalty.

Troy Davis – and his most dedicated advocate, his sister Martina Correia  -- inspired people across the globe and across ideological spectrum to speak out for justice.  So many of you protested in the streets and took the time to organize signatures for his clemency.  Collectively we demonstrated a powerful show of unity and strength that we will carry forward, and we would like to personally thank you for everything you have done to make your voice heard.

On the day of his execution, Troy shared his hopes with Amnesty International: "The struggle for justice doesn't end with me. This struggle is for all the Troy Davis’ who came before me and all the ones who will come after me. I'm in good spirits and I'm prayerful and at peace."  Later, just moments from execution, Troy used his final statement to reach out to his supporters to ask that we “continue to fight this fight.”

Your support for Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (GFADP) allows us to continue the fight to end the death penalty in Georgia -- once and for all.

Everywhere we go we encounter people like you who heard Troy’s call to action, and now want to know how to get involved.  GFADP is your organization on the front lines of the anti-death penalty movement in the State of Georgia, and we need your help.   GFADP was there for Troy and his family throughout every stage of his multi-year fight to stop his execution, gathering signatures demanding clemency, lobbying those with decision-making power, and supporting our national coalition partners.  GFADP was there when the Department of Corrections rescinded contact visits for Troy and all the men on Georgia’s death row, not resting until we scored a significant victory in getting clergy contact visits restored as well as limited family contact visits.  And GFADP will be there next week when the State of Georgia is scheduled to execute Marcus Ray Johnson, and for every execution from now until the time that we succeed in stopping this barbaric practice in our state.  

We invite you to pledge to continue this fight with GFADP because it is far from over.  The best way that we can remember Troy and honor his life is by re-affirming our commitment to abolish the death penalty. 

We hope you will support GFADP with a contribution today that will allow us to us to continue our work towards abolition of the death penalty in Georgia. With your generous support, we will have the resources needed to continue to work towards insuring a system of justice in our state that excludes the arbitrary imposition of this inhumane punishment.

GFADP remains steadfast in building this movement to abolish the death penalty.   We have the coalition partners already in place to move toward abolition, and your contribution adds to a strong base of support.  Our diverse coalition of human rights activists, murder victims’ family members, law enforcement professionals, members of the clergy and legislators have the enthusiasm and experience to keep this movement alive.  In addition, we gain expertise and resources from our coalition organizations, including the Southern Center for Human Rights, Amnesty International, and the NAACP. But we also need your generous financial support in order to achieve our goals, including the introduction of a death penalty repeal bill in the Georgia legislature. 

Please consider providing support at the highest level you can to help GFADP in this fight against the death penalty.

Join us today – we need you to continue to fight this fight.  We can live without the death penalty in Georgia!

With hope,

Kathryn Hamoudah, Chair and Laura Kagel, Vice Chair

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty

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