Week of Activities in Support of Clemency for Troy Davis

posted Sep 18, 2011, 2:25 PM by Kathryn Hamoudah   [ updated Aug 31, 2012, 8:29 AM by GFADP staff ]
Thank you so much for supporting the efforts to stop the execution of Troy Davis.  The outpouring of support has been unprecedented!  There are well over 800,000 petition signatures now that have come in for clemency!
Here is an outline of what we have planned for this week.  Please lend your support as you are able and share with your contacts:
7:30am vigil outside "Sloppy" Floyd Building (2 MLK Dr (GSU Marta station, cross street is Piedmont))
(9am hearing begins, closed to public and press)
The decision may come down from the board as early as the late afternoon, though it is also possible they would issue it later in the evening or on Tuesday.
The vigil will end when the decision is issued on Monday or TBD if it gets late Monday and a decision doesn't appear to be in sight.
If Clemency is granted or the execution is temporarily stayed:
- gathering of gratitude at 7pm at Central Presbyterian Church (across the street from the Capitol at (201 Washington St. SW; Atlanta, GA 30303)

If clemency is denied:
-Tuesday will be a "Day of Protest"
-wear a black arm band, with "not in my name!" written on it
-protest rally at the state capitol
If clemency is denied
-Wednesday will be a "Day of Vigil"
-wear black arm band
-the focal events: 
a) vigil in Jackson across from the prison at Towaliga County Line Baptist Church;153 Short Rd, Jackson, GA 30233
b) vigil in Atlanta on the capitol steps