2014 Legislative Issues

Each year when the Georgia General Assembly meets, members of GFADP mobilize to lobby Georgia legislators for death penalty reform.  We advocate for an end to executions and we work stop any proposed expansions of the death penalty.  On this page you can learn about current legislative issues facing Georgia's system of capital punishment and take action against the death penalty.

    • HB 96 calls for the repeal of the death penalty because it: drains vital state and county resources; has little impact of public safety; process re-traumatizes victim's families and is racially biased.
  • Indigent Defense
    • 80% of Georgians accused of crimes cannot afford their own attorney, yet Georgia has repeated slashed the public defender budget.
    • Insufficient funding for indigent defendants prevents the state from fulfilling its Constitutional obligation to provide attorneys for all those accused of crimes.
(L-R) GFADP Board Members Sen. Vincent Fort, Martina Correia, and Sara Totonchi at GFADP Lobby Day 2009.

Take Action!

Repeal Georgia's Death Penalty

Contact your legislators!
Use VoteSmart.org to find the contact information for your Senator and Representative, then let them know what you think. Call or write your legislators urging them to support our 2014 priorities.