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Join the movement to end capital punishment in Georgia and around the world!


Joining GFADP will allow you to stay up to date on the latest news related to Georgia's death penalty, including upcoming executions, advocacy opportunities, and other events.  Making a financial contribution of any amount will also help us expand and strengthen the statewide movement working for fairness in Georgia's criminal justice system.  And there are plenty of other ways you can get involved!

Attend Local Chapter Meetings
We currently have local chapters in Atlanta, Athens, and the Macon area that meet each month to plan events and local actions to raise awareness about the death penalty.  Check out the Events Calendar for the latest information on chapter meetings and events in your area, and contact your local chapter leader to stay informed about what's happening near you!

Write to a Person on Death Row

Many people on death row have little or no contact with those of us outside of prison.  Becoming a penpal is an easy way to bring light into someone else's life, or your own.  For more information, contact Mary Catherine Johnson at mcjohnson78@yahoo.com.

Write Letters to the Editor

Media coverage responds to the views of readers, so Letters to the Editor are a powerful yet easy way to make your voice heard and raise awareness in your community.  You can write letters to your local paper or TV station urging them to increase their coverage of death penalty related issues, praising positive coverage, or criticizing negative coverage.
GFADP members protesting the 1,000th execution by lethal injection
in the United States on July 21, 2009

Urgent Action Alerts

Please check back for action alerts.