Executive Director:

M. Cathy Harmon-Christian, PhD

Cathy Harmon-Christian, PhD, (pronouns she/her) is the Executive Director of Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, or GFADP.  She also serves as the Advocacy Chair and member of the board for the Interfaith Children’s Movement (ICM). 

Cathy holds an interdisciplinary PhD from the University of New Hampshire, a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from Spring Hill College, a Master’s degree in International Relations from Boston University and a Bachelor’s degree in English literature from Marquette University. 

From an early age, Cathy was drawn to justice issues, and has spent her life (thus far) engaged in working for justice as it is known in its biblical understanding: wholeness. She first became involved in the anti-death penalty movement in 1997 after seeing “Dead Man Walking” in a theater in Boston. 

She is a proud mom, and has three cats, as well as a garden where she can be found pottering.

(770) 316-8592

PO Box 986
Pine Lake, GA 30072