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First Death sentence issued in georgia in five years

Tiffany Moss, found to have brain damage, "discharged her lawyers and represented herself during the trial, even though she did not review the boxes of evidence turned over to her by the prosecution, produced no list of defense witnesses, and said she was placing her defense in God’s hands. She asked very few questions during pretrial proceedings, gave no opening statement, and did not cross-examine witnesses presented by the prosecution (Death Penalty Information Center)."  She did not present mitigating evidence nor did she speak to the jury.

"According to Dr. Don Stein, the Director of the Brain Research Laboratory at Emory University, the premotor and prefrontal regions of the brain 'are very much thought to be intimately involved in executive function, decision making, and impulse control.' Those brain functions are critical to making rational judgments about self-representation (DPIC)." Georgia's Office of the Capital Defender had lawyers on stand-by in case Tiffany changed her mind throughout the trial, but ultimately the jury heard nothing about her brain damage. 

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First Execution in Georgia of 2019

Scotty Morrow was executed May 2, the first execution in Georgia in 2019. One of Mr. Morrow's friends bared witness to the execution and said he showed no signs of distress. He apologized to the victims in his last words. He is survived by his two children and four grandchildren.

Mr. Morrow was sentenced to death in 1999. The sentence was thrown out 12 years later after finding that Mr. Morrow's attorneys had failed to conduct a proper investigation about his life for evidence to be used in mitigation of a death sentence. 

National News

New Hampshire Abolishes Death Penalty: Lawmakers overrode the Governor's veto to abolish the death penalty. New Hampshire has one man on death row, Michael K. Addison. Unfortunately, the bill will not apply retroactively. However, supporters believe the day the bill is signed, Mr. Addison’s sentence will be converted to life. 

Great News from Texas: Earlier this month, Alfred Dewayne Brown was declared "actually innocent" of murder charges that lead to his 2005 wrongful conviction and death sentence. Being declared "actually innocent" is a prerequisite for receiving compensation from the state, and paves the way for Brown receiving compensation for the 10 years he was wrongfully imprisoned on death row - DPIC