Statements from Faith Communities 

What does your faith community have to say about the Death Penalty?

For many people, opposition to the death penalty stems from their faith tradition.  Many religious communities affirm the sacredness of human life and reject the state's right end it.  In recent years, faith communities have taken a lead role in organizing against the death penalty.  In Georgia, individual congregations and larger denominational bodies have been a crucial part of GFADP's statewide coalition working to abolish capital punishment.  Here you'll find resources to learn about the perspectives many faith traditions have on the death penalty, as well as begin organizing in your local congregation. 

Interested in discussing the death penalty with your congregation or faith community?

If you would like to hold a discussion, Bible study, panel, or other event related to the death penalty with your local faith community, contact us! 

GFADP can provide a knowledgeable speaker to facilitate an honest, open, and friendly discussion. 

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