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Write to a Person on Death Row

Many people on death row have little or no contact with those of us outside of prison. Becoming a pen-pal is an easy way to bring light into someone else's life, or your own.

Write Letters to the Editor

Media coverage responds to the views of readers, so Letters to the Editor are a powerful yet easy way to make your voice heard and raise awareness in your community. You can write letters to your local paper or TV station urging them to increase their coverage of death penalty related issues, praising positive coverage, or criticizing negative coverage.


Each time the state of Georgia puts someone to death, GFADP members mobilize to stand vigil in protest of the state's brutal and dehumanizing action, and in solidarity with the person being executed. We hold vigils in many communities around the state, including the state capitol in Atlanta and the site of death row in Jackson, Georgia. See the map below to find the vigil nearest you and a local contact person.